Iberostar, Cozumel

Iberostar Cozumel.    Costera Sur, km. 17,785, Cozumel 77600, Mexico

Coordinates in degrees decimal:  N -20.370711, E -87.024284

Visited in  October, 2008.   Photographer: Nigel Thomas.    Cameras:  Sea & Sea 1G with DX1G housing

Website:  www.iberostar.com/en/hotels/cozumel/iberostar-cozumel

An extensive area of relatively flat, back reef stretches several hundreds of metres to a reef edge.  The photographs for this resort were collected within 50m of shore, the swim out to the reef edge presenting a risk in relation to vessel activity.  Easiest access to the water is via the short pier, with plenty of marine life in and around this area.  Beach access is less easy due to the stony nature of the seabed.  Although not of interest to many the shallow waters in this area were particularly rich in algal species.

Produced without the support of the resort.

Access is best from the steps towards the end of the pier.  The pier runs from the main beach.

Beach access is otherwise quite difficult due to rocks.

Plenty of marine life is evident under and around the pier.

Fairly sizable Barracuda seen drifting under the pier, enjoying the shade!

Resort Sealife Photos

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Sergeant Major. Perciformes. Abudefduf saxatilis.  Small to medium in size.  Frequently found in small groups and shoals.  

Blue, male version of Seargeant Major, which occurs while guarding eggs.  Eggs found in the hollow in the rock, coloured purple.

Two species to see here.  Yellow and blue stripes, with black and yellow tail.  Bluestriped Grunt. Perciformes. Haemulon sciurus.  Medium sized fish found in small schools, generally near reef features.   Dark species.  Ocean Surgeonfish.  Perciformes.  Acantharus bahianus. Medium sized fish. Solitary or in small shoals with other Acantharus spp.

French Grunt.  Perciformes.  Haemulon flavolineatum.  Small to medium sized, found in small shoals.  Individuals here were away from the pier in the company of a small cleaner fish (juv. French Angelfish).

Juvenile French Angelfish.  Perciformes.  Pomacanthus paru. Very small as a juvenile.  Found in holes and protected areas on the reef, often acting as a cleaner fish.

French Angelfish.  Perciformes.  Pomacanthus paru. Solitary, intermediate stage individual.  Medium in size.  Found sheltering near pier.

Two species.  Upper is a Sharpnose Puffer.  Tetraodontiformes.  Canthigaster rostrata.  Very small species, found near reef and seagrass.  Lower species is a juvenile French Grunt.